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Nitro was whelped on March 21, 2014 in Poland, at the kennel “z Padoku” in a litter of eight: five boys and three girls. Several puppies remained in Poland, one went to Germany, one to Russia, one to Egypt. Nitro and one of his sisters were imported to the US.

As a young puppy, he was very active and mischievous and would often get in trouble. We called him “Red Chief” from the story “The Ransom of Red Chief” by O. Henry. In this story two criminals kidnap a wealthy man’s son, but eventually the men are driven crazy by the boy’s spoiled and hyperactive behavior, and end up having to pay the boy’s father to take him back. That nickname suited Nitro very well.

He was a very curious puppy. When he had his mind made up about something – nothing could stop him. As if nothing else existed in the world at that moment, but the object he was interested in. Things that caught his attention had to be investigated immediately and poked at with the nose.

Nitro has a great stamina and loves, loves to run! When he was about a year and a half old we took him to Tahoe for a weekend. On the first day we went on a 20 miles bike ride alongside beautiful Fallen Leaf lake in South lake Tahoe. I was worried Nitro will get tired quickly and I might have to turn back – after all he was still very young and never had a bike ride that long. First couple of miles I tried to keep him on a leash. Very quickly I figured out that it might make him tired even sooner – he was pulling me on the bike! So, I let him run free. He galloped all the way, zigzagging in the forest, looking for wildlife, but always staying ahead of us. At the end – I think he did at least 30 miles that day.

The next day we went on a 13 miles hike. He probably covered at least 20 miles, galloping again non-stop, occasionally sprinting after rabbits and squirrels. He slept in the car all the way home. The next day (when at home) he was ready for action again.

He is a healthy dog and never had any issues with skin, eyes, ears, digestion, or anything else. He has good metabolism: easily puts on weight when needed, and quickly loses it with increase of exercise. Twice a year, we do full blood panel and urine test and it is always within normal range. In 2017 we completed full health check-up, needed for breeding. See OFA certified results.

Growing up, he proved to be a very intelligent dog who is eager to do things. Training with Nitro was always an enjoyable process with fast progress. He learned new things very quickly. Though, often, he would figure out a way to use it against me to keep receiving easy rewards. I remember I taught him to ring a bell when he needed to go out to pee. The next day, he was ringing the bell all day long, as he figured out that gets my attention immediately. Who was training who? And he was only a few months old!

Nitro has an excellent food drive, ball drive, and his protection work has a balance of prey and defense. He is very intelligent and easily learns new exercises. Nitro is a high energy dog with a dominant personality and requires strict handling to control his high drive, especially in protection work. He always gives a 100% to everything he does.

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Nitro 8 weeks oldFirst day at home2 months old Nitro playing with ArgoNitroNitro 4 months old8 months old in Tahoe

Nitro's first time at the training field

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