Talent for hire

Nitro is a European Doberman with many talents. He is located in California near San Francisco and is available for movie, commercial, and photo projects.

Nitro is trained and actively competes in a German sport for working dogs called IPO (or Schutzhund). The sport focuses on developing and evaluating working traits in dogs that make them more useful and happier companions. To be competitive in IPO a dog should perform equally well in field tracking, complex obedience, and protection work. 

Nitro can be described as strong, brave, confident, social, friendly, energetic, playful, curious, eager, attentive, intelligent, athletic. He is not only well trained and mannered, but also is very intelligent. He learns very quickly and is always eager to do more. He does well in front of the camera and knows to hold a pose.

He can work with people, children and other animals; indifferent to loud noises, not sensitive to surfaces, not afraid of heights. Nitro is trained and handled by his owner.

Photoshoot in a public area

Posing in rose bushes

Photo session in progress

Works well with other animals