Nitro's pedigree

Nitro comes from the kennel z Padoku in Poland. The kennel was originated in mid 1970s by Wanda Zielak. Over the years, kennel produced numerous champion dogs, who became foundation to many modern kennels in Eastern Europe. Wanda is an experienced breeder with a strong reputation, who dedicated over 40 years to the Doberman breed. Her dogs are known for their great temperament, strong build, excellent looks, and working drive. Wanda takes a great pride in her dogs and is very supportive to everyone, who buys a puppy from her.

There are many strong and famous dogs in Nitro’s pedigree. Most of them have compact and muscular build, well pronounced head, deep chest, and well-balanced temperament. Nitro’s father is a famous stud in Europe Oscar z Padoku. Oscar had a glorious show career in Poland and also earned an IPO2 working title. He is famous for producing puppies with deep chests, large heads and muscular bodies.

Nitro’s grandfather (on Oscar’s side) is Yacheero’s Pando Pandero. Pando won numerous International show titles in Europe, including Best Male in IDC 2013 (International Dobermann Club) under the judge and IDC President H.Wiblishauser. Pando has IPO3 working title.

Nitro’s grandmother (on Oscar’s side) Ak-Yar Raya comes from one of the oldest kennels in Eastern Europe – Ak-Yar doberman kennel. This kennel originated in early 1960s and specialized in breeding dogs with strong mental stability, strong top line with higher front and strong bone structure. The focus of this kennel always was (and still is) on the dogs with high working abilities. Ak-Yar dogs formed a foundation for search and rescue and working dobermans in Ukraine. Raya’s breeder (Elena Ivleva) described her as a well-balanced dog with powerful working ability and friendly temperament at home. Ak-Yar Raya won several Best of Breed, Best of Show titles, and had an IPO3.

Nitro’s mother – Paloma Picasso Tromelin – won Best of Breed in working class in Poland and had passed International preliminary working test (IPO V). Paloma’s father is a famous dog Leo vom Markischen Land from Germany. Leo was a compact strong dog with wide chest and large bone structure. He earned variety of working titles, including IPO3. Scroll down to see photos of Nitro’s ancestors.

Father - Oscar z Padoku

European Doberman Oscar z Padoku
DOB: 7-19-2009

Polish Breeding Test – passed
19.06.2011 – Brandenburg – ZTP (A. Hoppe) – SG1B

Cardio: DCM test (DNA) – negative;
annual EKG/ECG (Doppler) – normal;
eyes tested  for multiple conditions – clear;
vWD – carrier;
hips/elbows – HD-A normal (Poland, Germany).
Confirmed alive by the breeder 1-2018.

Mother - Paloma Picasso Tromelin

European Doberman puppy
DOB: 3-16-2012

Polish Breeding Test – passed


Cardio: DCM test (DNA) – negative;
EKG/ECG (Doppler) – normal;
eyes tested for multiple conditions – clear;
vWD – clear;
hips/elbows – HD-A normal (Germany).
Confirmed alive by the owner 12-2017.

Nitro's ancestors

Grandfather - Yacheero's Pando Pandero

European doberman Yacheero's Pando Pandero

Grandfather - Yacheero's Pando Pandero